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The Pearl

The durable precision-engineered Pearl is a computerized immersion circulator—highly portable and built to last—that provides caterers and high-volume kitchens alike the ability to sous vide cook multiple items at once, integrate sous vide cooking quickly and enhance kitchen operations.


  • Rest assured. German-engineered to last, the Pearl’s durable stainless steel housing, clamp and heating coil cage, provide a hard-working immersion circulator for the most hectic kitchens that will be with your business a long time.
  • Sous vide cook hundreds of pounds of product at one time. Be confident your freshest ingredients and time-tested recipes will be of the highest quality, taste, texture and accuracy—every time.
  • Save money and control costs through better yield, low waste, longer shelf life, and reduced labor hours. Talk with us about adding sous vide tools to your kitchen—the ease of integration and operation may surprise you.
  • Know we’ve got your back with exceptional product support including: sous vide recipes, a phenomenal two-year warranty and full integration assistance—to help you realize maximum ROI on your commercial sous vide investment.

Built to work hard and engineered to last, the Pearl’s durable stainless steel housing, strong stainless clamp, heating coil protection, and a low-water alarm mean your sous vide equipment can take whatever you deal out—whether you’re sous vide cooking in a bistro, a hotel kitchen or remotely at a catering event.


  • Easily mounts on any water bath up to 15.2 gallons
  • Immersion depth of 6.5 inches.
  • High-capacity pump circulates 3.7 gallons/minute
  • Lightweight at only 11 pounds
  • Simple to set up, stows quickly, and is easily transportable for mobile uses
  • Bright LED display & smudge-proof stainless steel hood
  • 5.24” wide / 13” high / 8.35” long
  • Durable, stainless steel housing
  • Strong stainless steel adjustable clamp
  • Low-level water alarm extends PEARL’s lifetime
  • Integrated timer for monitoring cook time
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Splash-proof keypad
  • Temperature displayed in °C or °F
  • Vapor barrier protection

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