USDA PRIME Dry-Aged Ribeye Roast with Chef Rosendale's Rib Seasoning

USDA PRIME Dry-Aged Ribeye Roast with Chef Rosendale's Rib Seasoning

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Product Description:

Discover the epitome of beef excellence with our USDA PRIME Dry-Aged Ribeye Roast. Regarded as America’s best beef for its rich marbling and exceptional quality, each roast is a showcase of culinary luxury. Averaging between 15-17 lbs, our ribeye roasts are meticulously dry-aged for 45 days, allowing the flavors to deepen and the texture to become tender, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Excellence in Dry Aging: Our precise dry-aging process takes place within technologically advanced cabinets that meticulously control the environment. This process not only enriches the flavor and aroma but also tenderizes the meat, making it a succulent centerpiece for any occasion.

Chef-Crafted Seasoning: The roast is accompanied by Chef Rosendale's custom rib seasoning mix, a carefully curated blend to complement the beef's premium quality. This signature seasoning is the secret to achieving a perfect crust and unlocking the depth of flavor in each slice.

Product Highlights:

  • Superior USDA PRIME Grade: The highest standard of beef with exceptional marbling for superior taste.
  • Artisanal Dry Aging: Our roasts are aged for 45 days to ensure a profound complexity of flavor and unparalleled tenderness.
  • Exclusive Seasoning Mix: Chef Rosendale’s special spice blend is included, elevating the roast's flavor profile.
  • Generous Sizing: Each ribeye roast weighs an impressive 14 lbs, perfect for feeding a gathering.

This USDA PRIME Dry-Aged Ribeye Roast represents the pinnacle of our beef selection, ideal for holiday dinners, special events, or as a remarkable gift for the gourmet aficionado. Order now and indulge in a roast that truly stands in a class of its own.

Special Delivery Note:

Your Prime Rib may arrive frozen to preserve the quality and ensure the safety of the product during transit. If this does not suit your immediate needs, please reach out to us for assistance. We use state-of-the art blast freezers to drop the temperature rapidly and to lock in freshness.

Product Origin:

Our Prime Rib is sourced exclusively from the finest farms across the United States, ensuring a product that meets our high standards for taste, quality, and sustainability.

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