Ovention MiLO Double/Single

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Revolutionary infusion of Decoupled Air and Infrared (IR) technologies. Independently controlled top and bottom cavities, each with its own interior light and control panel.

Revolutionary Ovens

At Ovention, we are proud of our ability to provide solutions that meet the needs of our operators. Our brand new MiLO® ovens are an answer that the market has been waiting for.

MiLO® brings the unmatched quality, speed, and consistency of cooking that Ovention is known for. Consistent with the rest of the Ovention lines, the MiLO® ovens are all ventless, giving you flexibility for the installation location. It also provides USB loading capabilities for ease of programming and sharing settings between ovens.

MiLO® also introduces unique features that are new to both the Ovention line and the countertop cooking industry as a whole.

MiLO® uses a first-of-its-kind technology called Decoupled Air and Infrared (IR), the first successful integration of hot air and IR in an oven that applies the strength of each technology. The hot air in the enclosed cavity allows for even, consistent cooking and a higher yield. The IR elements on both the top and bottom of each cavity provide more efficient caramelization without over-drying.

Another brand-new feature is active venting. Active venting is the ability to remove humidity from the cooking cavity on demand, resulting in high-yield and food integrity of a closed-cavity cook while reaping the benefits of the IR and crisping food like never before possible.

A long-desired feature for multi-cavity ovens, the MiLO® has two independent cavities, each with its own, independent full-color UI control. The operator now has the flexibility to use both cavities-at different temperatures- simultaneously or conserve energy by using only one at a time.

These ovens bring another new feature to the Ovention line; MiLO® features a manual door fitted with a sleek, curved-glass window and lighted cavity adds a dimension of theater to the cooking experience- perfect for a middle of the house installation. This allows us to bring you the latest cooking innovation in our smallest footprint yet.

Two ovens, one minimal footprint, one affordable price.

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