On-Demand Masterclass: "Mayo Bound Smoked Turkey Mastery" with Chef Ken Hess

On-Demand Masterclass: "Mayo Bound Smoked Turkey Mastery" with Chef Ken Hess

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Product Description:

Ken Hess’s BBQ Alchemy: Step into the culinary realm where classic smoking meets innovative techniques with Chef Ken Hess's uniquely moist Smoked Turkey Breast recipe. Rooted in a deep respect for BBQ tradition, yet infused with modern twists, this recipe unveils the transformative power of mayo as a binder, ensuring the turkey breast remains incredibly moist during the smoking process.

The Magic of Mayo: Uncover the secrets behind using mayo as an essential binder, as Chef Ken demonstrates its role in ensuring the turkey breast remains succulent throughout the smoking process. Alongside this, you'll discover the perfect blend of spices that enhances the turkey's natural flavors, complementing the smoky undertones.

Finishing with Flair: In a masterful finale, Chef Ken introduces a technique that sets this dish apart: dipping the freshly sliced turkey breast pieces into the rich, flavorful drippings from the smoke. This extra touch encapsulates the turkey's essence, promising an explosion of taste with every bite.

Captured Live in Action: Be privy to Chef Ken's methods and insights, filmed live in the aftermath of the Spring 2023 BBQ Sciences and Techniques class, co-hosted by culinary legends Chef Rich Rosendale and Chef Ken Hess. Witness firsthand the camaraderie, expertise, and passion that makes this class iconic.

Your Path to BBQ Mastery: Equipped with this unique recipe and techniques from the masterclass, you'll be poised to redefine your BBQ standards. Whether for family gatherings or gourmet events, Chef Ken's Mayo Bound Smoked Turkey Breast will undoubtedly be the showstopper.

Enroll & Elevate: Join this BBQ journey, where science, art, and passion converge. Secure your access to this treasured recipe and technique, and be among the select few to master the essence of Ken Hess's BBQ brilliance.

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