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Grill Accessory for perfect burgers.  The burger pucks are a fun new way to grill burgers.  Individualized sized, everyone can make their burger just the way they want them.  The 6" solid steel burger puck sits right on top of your existing grates and is a fun new grill accessory for any grill.  Because the pucks are made from solid steel, burgers sizzle to perfection in their natural juices.  Perfect for getting that delicious smokey flavor without ever burning them.

Carbon Steel vs Cast Iron

Why use carbon steel cooktops rather than cast iron?  What is the difference and why is carbon steel any better?

Carbon Steel and Cast Iron are very similar.  This is why both are very good for cooking and grilling.  The main difference is that Carbon Steel contains about 1% Carbon while Cast Iron contains 2% - 3% Carbon.  This difference might not sound like much but carbon affects the grain structure of the metal.  As Carbon gets added to the steel mix, Carbon has a tendency to clump together into lumpy carbides and form pockets of pure carbon (graphite).  When this happens, the metal becomes very hard and very brittle.  It disrupts the grain of the metal, making it irregular, brittle, and prone to cracking.  This is the reason why Cast Iron often cracks or breaks.  When Cast Iron is heated unevenly, the heat differential causes stress in the metal as the thermal expansion is uneven.  When this stress encounters a pocket of carbon, Cast Iron cracks.  This is also why Cast Iron often breaks when it is dropped.  The area of high carbon is extremely brittle and can’t stand the shock.

Because Carbon Steel has only 1% Carbon, this phenomenon is negligible and much easier to control and prevent from happening.  The grain structure in Carbon Steel is very uniform and virtually impervious to heat stress or shock.  In addition to this, Carbon Steel is “rolled” in the steel mill.  It is forced between heavy rollers while the steel is hot.  After rolling the steel and getting it to the right thickness, the steel is “doused” with cold water that causes the grain structure to freeze in place.  This makes Carbon Steel very strong and the choice material to cook on.  Even with uneven heat loads or dropping Carbon Steel, it will not break or crack.  This allows for a lifetime of use.

The larger the surface area and the thinner the material, the more prone Cast Iron is to cracking and breaking.  In a grill, the heat is never uniform.  This makes cast Iron an especially poor choice for grill inserts.  For this reason, all Arteflame cooktops, inserts, griddles, and Burger Pucks are made of Carbon Steel.

  • Perfect grill accessory gift for the griller in your life!
  • 6" (15cm) Diameter is perfect for generous burgers, steaks, chicken pancakes, and more...
  • Use with any gas, electric, wood/charcoal grill, or campfire
  • Great for the whole family and parties
  • Precision laser cut from solid US steel for ready to use
  • Made in the USA, guaranteed not to break or crack
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Comes in a set of 2 and 4 Burger Pucks

Note: When the burger pucks arrive, they will be silver (unseasoned). They will develop the dark color shown in the images once they've been seasoned.

Seasoning Instructions