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Fire Pit Cover for Arteflame 40" Fire Pit

This heavy-duty fire pit cover is made specifically for the 40" Arteflame fire pits.  It sits on the inside lip that surrounds the top of the fire pit and closes it off from any fire or sparks escaping.  This fire pit cover is made of a single piece of Corten steel that perfectly matches your Corten Arteflame.  There are 2 handles per side for easy lifting.  Because it is made to withstand direct exposure to the fire, it is made heavy and weighs in at 40 lbs. of pure steel.

  • Extra Heavy Duty Corten Steel Fire Pit Cover, 40lbs. (18Kg)
  • 2 lifting handles per side
  • Ships UPS Freight on a pallet
  • Designed to stay outside year-round
  • Matches the Corten color of the Arteflame fire pit.

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