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GreenVac Vacuum Seal Bags 'Performance'


The Performance bag series incorporates new technology in vacuum seal bags. This recyclable 2mil/50u film gives you all the benefits that our Preserve & Pure series includes and more.

The Performance bag series allows you to elevate your game:

  • Meal Prep
  • Grab N Go 
  • Snack Packs

A great solution for customers, students, guests & patients – reheat & serve on-site OR easily be refrigerated or freeze for later use.

The Performance series includes recyclable material and new self-venting technology which allows excess steam to be released without damaging the film or product during heating.


Longer shelf life - Packing in good quality vacuum bags offers many advantages. Vacuum packing extends the shelf life. Process, transport, and deliver products for a longer period of time within a larger market.

Safety and Quality - Prevents cross-contamination, improves food safety. Protection from dehydration, freezer burn, and mold.

Transport and storage - Optimise the storage and truck space by stacking different foods together.

Professional presentation - The best condition of food freshness and a professional presentation, hygiene, and safety.

Flexible food packaging - Flexibility in the process. One machine to process a variety of products regardless of quantity or specifications.


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