Master Chef Rich Rosendale's Top Sous Vide Cooking Tips

Sous Vide, a French term for "under vacuum," is a cooking technique that offers precision like no other. It involves vacuum-sealing food in a bag and cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This method can help you achieve restaurant-quality results in your own kitchen, from perfectly tender steaks to vegetables that retain their vibrant color and crunch.

As a Certified Master Chef, Rich Rosendale is an expert in a variety of cooking techniques, including sous vide. In this post, we'll share some of his top tips for getting the most out of sous vide cooking.

Tip 1: Start with Quality Ingredients

Regardless of your cooking technique, the quality of your ingredients will always be the primary determinant of the final taste. For sous vide cooking, this becomes even more critical as the gentle and precise nature of the technique amplifies the natural flavors of the food.

Tip 2: Use the Right Equipment

While there are a variety of sous vide devices available, investing in professional-grade equipment can make a significant difference in the quality and consistency of your results. Rich Rosendale recommends the Pearl Immersion Sous Vide Circulator and the Rosendale Innovation Line 42XL Vacuum Packaging Machine for their exceptional precision and durability.

Tip 3: Season with Purpose

When it comes to sous vide cooking, remember that the flavors will intensify. Rich recommends using his own line of seasonings, Rich's Backyard Blends, for consistently great flavor. You can experiment with these blends to create a wide range of tastes.

Tip 4: Set Accurate Temperatures and Cooking Times

The beauty of sous vide lies in its precise control over temperature and cooking times. Use a reliable sous vide temperature guide to ensure your food is cooked to perfection. Remember, the exact temperature matters a lot in sous vide cooking; even a degree can make a noticeable difference.

Tip 5: Donโ€™t Forget the Sear

Sous vide cooking often requires a finishing sear to achieve a flavorful crust. Once your food is cooked sous vide, quickly sear it in a hot pan with a bit of oil to add texture and flavor.

Tip 6: Safe and Correct Storage

If you're not planning to eat your sous vide-cooked food immediately, it's essential to cool it quickly and store it correctly. Submerge your vacuum-sealed meal in an ice bath to bring down its temperature fast, and then store it in the refrigerator.


With these tips from Master Chef Rich Rosendale, you're well on your way to mastering the art of sous vide cooking. It might seem a bit technical at first, but once you get the hang of it, sous vide can open up a world of culinary possibilities. Happy cooking!

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