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Plating Tools Set V2 (Version 2)

EVOLVE the magic of plating at your plates with the new full set of EVOLVE tools.
  • Full set of Evolve tools, available in a variety of colors (Gold, Black, Blue, Rose Gold, Silver, Rainbow)
  • When opened, the roll bag measures 36x24cm and when closed, it measures 24x10cm
  • Includes:
    • Tools Roll Bag (Open: 36cm x 24cm; Close: 24cm x 10cm) 
    • Big Rocher/Quenelle spoon (22,5cm x 4,5cm)
    • Small Rocher/Quenelle spoon (15,5cm x 3cm)
    • Offset spatula (21cm x 1cm)
    • Offset tweezers (21cm x 1cm)
    • Spherification spoon (17,5cm x 4,3cm)1
    • Weight approx 600gr
  • Descriptions of each tool are specified on their individual product page

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