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Product Image Pacojet Coupe Set For Pacojet 2

Pacojet Coupe Set For Pacojet 2

$ 395.00

The Coupe Set extends the Pacojet’s range of functions to working with fresh, non-frozen foods. In just 60 seconds, it can cut, chop, mince, mix, blend or whip fresh ingredients - gently and without transferring heat. The blades or the whipping disk pass downwards through the entire contents, ensuring a unique replicable exquisite result. 

The Coupe Set is particularly valued for:

  • Uniform result consistency
  • No heat transfer - preserves hygiene, freshness, and color
  • Gentle processing of herbs and spices - no loss of flavor, no crushing, no bruising
  • Efficiency: processes fresh meats, fish or shrimp into a fine tartare in just 60 seconds

Coupe Set includes:

2-blade cutter
To chop meat, fish, vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts, and much more.

  • Processes meat or fish into a perfect tartare, with no change in color
  • processes vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts etc.

4-blade cutter
To process farces, mousses, purees, terrines, spreads, sauces, herbal oils and much more.

  • Minces fine fish or meat farces for creamy terrines or spreads
  • Mixes ultra light mousses
  • Purees sauces, herbal oils, herb butter, garnishes etc.

Whipping disk
To whip liquids, ingredients such as egg whites, fruit creams, milkshakes and much more.

  • Whips cream and egg whites
  • Foams milk, mixes drinks/milkshakes etc.
  • Whips cream to a stiff texture, even with up to one-third additional ingredients.

Cutter tongs
To safely affix the extremely-sharp cutter blades.