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The Pacojet 2 System Starter Pack includes an additional 20 Pacotizing beakers. The Pacojet 2 System includes 2 beakers, so this Starter Pack equips you with a total of 22 beakers to store a variety of different foods or flavors at the same time.

Pacojet is a versatile professional kitchen appliance that creates a perfectly textured mousse, ice creams, sorbets, sauces, soups, and more using its micro-puree process. It is used by many professional chefs around the world who appreciate its simplicity of use combined with the top-notch results it delivers. Pacojet saves time, reduces waste, and is very easy to clean.

Pacojet 2 is an improvement on the Pacojet 1 system. The Pacojet 1 was a tremendous success and is still widely used throughout professional kitchens. The Pacojet 2 has improved performance, ease of use, and the ability to process non-frozen foods using the Coupe Set add-on (not included). Pacojet 2 can cut, chop, mix, and whip non-frozen foods using the Coupe Set.

New Features for Pacojet 2:

  • Color graphics display and touchscreen with intuitive icons.
  • Whole and decimal portions -perfect for precise quantities
  • Optional air pressure mode with automatic depressurization.
  • Easier to operate and now customizable.
  • Overfill rescue function.
  • The complete cleaning cycle is shown on the display - visual guidance for simple and hygienic cleaning of the machine.
  • Customization of user settings - customize your Pacojet 2 to fit your preferences and needs.
  • Extended performance life: Exclusive, Swiss-engineered brushless motor with an extended 5-year warranty: Outstanding performance and reliability, significantly more quiet and practically wear-free.
  • New international Pacojet 2 recipe book - featuring exquisite culinary inspirations created by Pacojet chefs from around the World.
  • Special programs for processing fresh, non-frozen foods with the optional Pacojet Coupe Set: Cutting/Chopping -for tartare, farces, herbs, etc. Mixing/Whipping -for liquid foods. All without generating heat - a processing cycle takes just 1 minute!

Pacojet 2 System includes:

  • Pacojet 2 Machine
  • Pacojet Blade "Standard" (Part 10156)
  • 22 Pacotizing Beakers w/ Beaker Lids "white" (Part 20278)
  • Spray Guard including preliminary scraper (Part 42273)
  • Protective Outer Beaker (Part 20279)
  • Rinsing insert "green" (Part 30538)
  • Sealing Ring "blue" for cleaning insert (Part 42300)
  • Spatula (Part 42309)
  • Pacojet 2 Instruction Manual (Part 92150)
  • Pacojet 2 International Recipe Book - 5 language edition (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian) (Part 92170)

Specs and Dimensions:

20" length x 15" width x 8" height
120/60 Volts
950 Watts
Weight: 35lbs
1.0 liter (1.2 quarts) beaker capacity
2000 RPM blade revolution
0.8 L / 28 fl. oz. maximum fill
-8 °F (-22 °C) ideal pacotizing temperature for frozen foods