Ovention Matchbox M360 14/12 | Better, Faster, and Easier Cooking

Ovention Matchbox M360 14/12 | Better, Faster, and Easier Cooking

Ovention Matchbox M360 14/12 | Better, Faster, and Easier Cooking

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Discover the Ovention Matchbox M360 14/12, the ultimate cooking solution that enhances efficiency and delivers superior results. This revolutionary oven combines Precision Impingement® technology, a unique cooking carousel, and a compact footprint, making it the perfect fit for any foodservice operation.

Key Features:

  • Precision Impingement® Technology: Control time, temperature, and independent blower speeds for every item, allowing for maximum cooking control and quality
  • Auto Load and Unload: Proprietary technology that automatically moves the cooking surface into and out of the cavity, saving time and labor
  • Consistent Results: Precise cook settings and automatic loading and unloading ensure consistent, high-quality food without the risk of overcooking or waste
  • FlexTemp: Ability to adjust temperature by 25°F from one item to the next, providing flexibility and versatility in cooking
  • Intuitive One-Touch Display: Easy-to-use touchpad interface for loading and unloading two cooking surfaces, preventing overcooking
  • Closed Cavity Design: Retains moisture in food products, preserving their integrity and delivering a 30% higher yield
  • Energy Efficient: One-third more energy efficient than traditional countertop conveyors, reducing operational costs
  • Decorative Facades: Various options available, including brick oven designs and custom-branded designs, enhancing the visual appeal of the oven
  • Ventless Operation: Certified for ventless operation, eliminating the need for a ventilation hood and enabling flexible installation options

Experience the better, faster, and easier cooking capabilities of the Ovention Matchbox M360 14/12. With its advanced technology, intuitive controls, closed cavity design, and ventless operation, this oven revolutionizes the cooking process and creates a memorable dining experience for your customers.

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