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Save time and money in your kitchen by adding the Rosendale Innovation line Vacuum Packaging Machine. This machine comes pre-programmed with Rich Rosendale’s Sous-vide settings.

They include:

  • COMPACT Setting – This is a standard vacuum and bag seal. This setting gives the user the ability to adjust different Vacuum percentages.
  • Liquids – This setting activates the humidity sensor activating the machine when the liquid begins to “boil”. This setting should always be used when vacuum packing any liquids such as soups and sauces. It will reduce the chance of liquid coming out of the bag during the cycle.
  • Fragile/Sharp – This setting should be used for delicate items or to prevent sharp products from puncturing the bag. Some examples of when you would use it is for any item that may contain a bone, shellfish, skewers, or delicate fruit.
  • Trapped Air – Trapped air is for anything that may require a strong cycle to remove any air pockets such as sausage, pulled pork, or blocks of cheese to ensure a firm texture and no air is left in the product.
  • Marinate – This setting will open cell walls of the protein product so liquid marinades can penetrate and ensure excellent coverage.   Items that may require a 24-48 hours marinade time can be done in minutes.
  • Tenderize – This setting will stretch the fibers under vacuum to tenderize product eliminating the use of Jaccard or pounding techniques that damage the tissue of the meat.
  • Vacuum Blanch – This setting will bring out the color of vegetables, greens, and flowers without the introduction of heat.   It will also extend the shelf life of many produce items by bringing out the color and texture of the plant.   This is suggested for service or catering to ensure your product will stay fresh and vibrant throughout the service period.
  • Hyper Knead – This setting will develop gluten by “kneading” bread or pasta dough with the use of significant pressure from the vacuum pump. The vacuum stretches and tears the glutens to develop integrity to the dough very quickly. You can also infuse flavors, and colors like squid ink into any pasta dough.
  • Jarring – This setting is for vacuum sealing mason “type” jars to preserve and extend shelf life.
  • Infusion – This setting can be used to infuse liquids with herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It quickly pulls flavor into liquid.
  • Red Meat – This setting will push gas given off by protein out prior to sealing bag, and as a result will give red meat more vibrant color for a longer period of time. It is ideal for meat departments and steakhouses.
  • Compression –This setting is for texture modification. It can be used for compressed fruits or compressing ground beef by creating more yield and improved texture.
Weight: 200 lbs
Dimensions: 24.2 x 19.4 x 17.3 in
Model Type: Table Top Model
Features: Chamber Style
Voltage: 110V-60Hz Footprint
Dimensions: 24.2"x19.4"x17.3"
Chamber Dimensions: 18"x16.5"x7"
Pump Speed: 25 m3/h
Single Sealing Bar: 16.5


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