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Product Image Arteflame One Series 20"

Arteflame One Series 20"

$ 850.00

Elevate the art of outdoor cooking with the sleek, contemporary look and outstanding functionality of the Arteflame Grill. The fire is built in the center of the grill, so the cooktop heats up from the center out. This results in a higher cooking temperature closer in than on the outside edge, so food can be cooked at various temperatures all at the same time. When it's not in use as a grill, it can also be enjoyed as a fire bowl, providing warmth while creating a serene ambiance.

To use the optional Rotisserie, the cooktop has to be removed as the Rotisserie takes up the entire open cooking surface.


The new One Series Arteflame design is based on the same concept as the Classic Arteflame 40 but with the more casual griller in mind. The smaller, more affordable design is fueled by charcoal or wood chunks and crafted in two pieces - a 1/4" carbon steel cooktop and a US CORTEN steel base made to last a lifetime.  It is 20" tall and the cooktop is 22.5" in diameter, the same as a standard kettle style grill.


  • All Arteflame grills come with the center sizzle grate
  • Uses both wood and charcoal
  • Made of US Steel
  • Cooks for up to 5-15 people
  • Cooktop is cut from 1/4" hot rolled steel
  • Removable cooktop and center grill grate
  • Can be used as a fire bowl
  • Virtually maintenance-free: all residue can be scraped into the fire
  • After cooktop cools, wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel and food safe oil (sunflower, canola, coconut, olive, etc.)
  • Periodically oil cooktop to facilitate seasoning of cooking surface. With time oil will turn cooktop to a deep dark color and prevent oxidization
  • Can be left outside year-round; base develops a beautiful, maintenance-free patina over time
  • The One Series will get hot all around, DO NOT position it on wood or plastic decking
  • Recommend using a granite or stone grill mat under the grill
  • Manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • OPTIONS: Cooktop Scraper, Rotisserie


Note: When the grill arrives, the cooktop will be silver (unseasoned). It will develop the dark color shown in the images once it's been used several times.