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Product Image 8.1 Quart Stock Pot

8.1 Quart Stock Pot

$ 70.00 $ 76.00

No more “watched pot never boils” when you use the 8.1-quart Turbo Pot ™ stock pot. This techno-advanced cookware is perfect for making stock, broth, and soup; boiling lobster, shrimp, and corn; or deep frying turkey.

The high-performance heat sink saves time and energy, enabling you to cook hotter and faster, just like professional chefs. The Turbo Pot™ stockpot boasts uniform heating to reduce hot spots.

Reduce cooking relative emission to keep your indoor air fresh. High quality 304 stainless steel, aluminum heat sink base, hollow handle to keep cool, shock resistant tempered glass lid. NSF certified.



Volume (qt): 8.1
Weight (Each): 6.1
Size (Single): 12.5x11.5x9
Freight class: 92.5
NMFC number: 92895
HTS code: 7323930060
*For Gas Stove Only