SOUS-Temperature Monitoring Kit for Sous Vide

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The SOUS -Temperature Monitoring Kit for sous vide was developed as a part of SOUS 360 (Coming Soon) from iQKitchen and VacMaster. SOUS 360 provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges of meeting HACCP standards when cooking sous vide in a restaurant or commercial setting. When used with the SOUS and app, SOUS 360 has everything you need for total food safety automation.

There are many advantages to cooking sous vide in a commercial kitchen such as enhanced flavors, better textures and tenderness, and more precise cooking temperatures. However, it can be challenging to meet Federal and State food safety regulations when cooking sous vide – that’s where the SOUS and app come in!

The SOUS and app allow chefs, operations managers, and owners to be fully aware of the cooking process for sous vide, and to do it safely in accordance with government regulations. The probe takes temperature readings every few seconds and links directly to your account in the cloud for automated record keeping. From there, the app organizes and stores all records and sends notifications to ensure that proper temperature controls are observed, and that food is served when it’s safe to eat. Through food safety automation technology, the SOUS and app from iQKitchen and VacMaster will help you control the chaos of a commercial kitchen.

  • Provides HACCP compliance
  • Automates record keeping and stores data in the cloud
  • The automated validation process for each product or batch
  • Automatically notifies when product is safe to serve
  • SOUS-Temperature Monitoring Kit for Sous Vide includes K-Type Thermocouple Probe, Raspberry Pi, Charge Pad, Wireless Charging Cable, USB Charging Cable, MicroUSB Power Supply, Neoprene Tape Sided Adhesive, SOUS 18 V 1.2 assy, Double Coated Square Tape, and User Guide.
  • SOUS Dimensions:7 1/6" X 3 7/8" X 2 3/16"
  • Weight 0.95
  • Purchase App subscription separately