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Product Image RC Additive Travel Kit

RC Additive Travel Kit

$ 74.00 $ 95.99

Our new RC Additive Travel Case will give you the convenience of 
traveling with over 10 different additives in a lightweight, compact case everywhere you go, to try on your own and elevate your dishes that will put you in the spotlight.
Items include: - 26g Locust Bean Gum - 32g Sodium Citrate - 22g Calcium Lactate - 26g Kappa Cargeenan - 14g Ultratex 8 - 20g Perfect Ice Cream - 10g Ultra-Sperse 3 - 18g Sodium Alginate - 15g Iota Cargeenan - 22g Agar Agar - 22g Xanthan Gum - 20g Methyl Cellulose F-50 - Plastic Travel Case