Equipment & Efficiency Workshop, August 17th-18th, DC Metro Area

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How many of you are looking at your P&L statement, or you just got out of a meeting with your GM, business partner, or banker about everything from high food to rising labor cost with no real strategy to move improve the situation?

The truth is we are not selling “Apple” computers. Selling food does not have the same margins as other industries, and we are dealing with an expensive, highly perishable product.  Traditional restaurant models carry significant overhead, and operators must manage hundreds of variables on a daily basis. 

Many industries have out of necessity reimagined the model or completely recreated how they execute day to day business.  Think of Netflix, compared to blockbuster. Technology is providing new frontiers and new possibilities that we never could have imagined.  If you are not in tune wit the newest opportunities you will most surely find your self at a competitive disadvantage, or your model will be obsolete.

That is where the RC Culinary Lab comes in.  This brand new class is aimed at disrupting with out disturbing how we operate our kitchens today.  We will discuss, observe, and reconsider how and to make you more efficient on a daily basis. The class is broken down in several categories listed below:


  • The Smart Kitchen- Just like “nest” that controls your home climate, we are only scratching the surface of what tomorrow's will look like. In this class we will share what we feel are the technologies to watch and how to be on the forefront of “smart-kitchen technology”
  • Signature “One of a kind Experiences”, Increased Revenue, Profitable Concepts- Creating new and Recurring revenue streams considering alternative ideas.
  • Cook Chill- Lets talk about production.-This section is all about efficiency and scaling up production.
  • “The Equity of Time”-Spending time vs money, this section will review what it really takes to get a job done and what does it take to be profitable for any given operation. Chefs will walk away giving a new consideration as to what it cost to really buy a new cooler, or oven when one considers what it really cost to pay for it when compared to sales.
  • “The Value of R&D”-In an effort to reconsider the traditional culinary brigade system we will present a new more relevant organizational chart that we will is more suitable for the modern kitchen.
  • Sous Vide-an overview of other class we will show how sous vide be a useful tool even if you are not cooking sous vide yourself.
  • Equipment from around the world-In this section RC will highlight equipment not well known throughout the USA, but offers real benefits.
  • HACCP Plans-We will present HACCP solutions and review where and when they are needed.

This is a brand new class at the RC Culinary Lab, a state of the art Kitchen.

This hands-on workshop is open to those looking to make a difference in their craft.  Participants will receive a welcome letter with the schedule three weeks prior to the course.  The certificate provided at the end of the course is good for sixteen hours toward continuing education with the American Culinary Federation.  All participants will receive an electronic file with recipes and the course material upon completion.  We supply all of the food and material for the workshop to facilitate in-class participation. 

This program is approved for 16 continuing education hours toward the initial or recertification application for ACF certification.

 Note: These programs are not endorsed, accredited, or affiliated with ACF or the ACF Certification Program.

Here’s what chefs are saying about our classes.

“In the classes with Chef Rosendale, I was pleased to be as hands-on as we were and able to talk through with him the thought process put into the material.  I left the class with great templates to start building my own program that was built with the experiences of an organized craftsman. Daily I walked away with insight and planning for each day of the test and tasting experience that I feel gave me a tangible grasp into the required level of flavor development.  As a recognized Master of the craft, I fully support what Chef Rosendale does.  If I were to start the journey again, I would again include this program into my preparation.”

Gerald Ford, CMC

Executive Chef, The Ford Plantation

ACF Culinary Olympic Team 2020


RC Culinary Lab
75 Lawson rd. Unit 203
Leesburg VA, 20176


Dulles International Airport


Hampton Inn & Suites Leesburg
117 Fort Evans Rd, NE
Leesburg, VA 20176

Hotel reservations can be made directly with Sales Manager, Aili Miller, by calling 703-669-8640 and selecting the sales option, or via email at



The dates are December 2nd-3rd. Each day the workshop will start at 8:30 am and be done by 3:00 pm. Lunch and continental breakfast served daily are included. Participants are invited to stay after class on the first day for Local Craft Beers and dinner with Rich.

Space is limited.


Less than 90 days prior - 100% refund to original form of payment will be offered for the total amount paid.

Less than 60 days prior - No refunds will be offered but 100% class credit will be issued and can be used towards future classes.

Less than 10 days prior - 75% class credit offered (based on the amount paid) and can be used only for regular class prices and cannot be applied to early bird prices or discounts.

Less than 7 days prior - 50% class credit offered (based on the amount paid) and can be used only for regular class prices and cannot be applied to early bird prices or discounts.

Anytime (past participants only)- 100% class credit offered (based on the amount paid) and can used only for regular class price and cannot be applied to early bird prices or discounts.

Each situation will be evaluated by Chef Rich Rosendale and/or Chef Christopher Rieloff. Upon review, the credit will be submitted. Evaluation can take up to 48 hours.




Each attendee may bring their own knives & notepad. We suggest your normal kitchen attire and apron.

PLEASE NOTE:  No video or audio recording devices are allowed during the class. Only still photos are allowed. This is strictly enforced.

8:15 to 8:30 – (Continental Breakfast) 8:15 to 12:00 – (Morning Session) 12:00 to 12:30 (Lunch) 12:30-3:00– (Afternoon session)


Washington Dulles International Airport



 The RC Culinary Lab

75 Lawson rd.  Unit 203

Leesburg VA 20176

Space is limited.



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