Timber Grill Table for the One Series 30"

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The Arteflame Timber table is the perfect companion for your One Series 30" grill if you are looking to add a large prep area or incorporate the grill into a table to serve food on.  It is designed with typical Arteflame style; perfectly functional and gorgeous to see.  The large surface area is great for preparing all your foods and put down all your spices, dishes and accessories.  The One Series 30" grill is sunk into the table so that the cooktop is level with the table surface.  This makes prepping and grilling food super easy and fun.

These tables are made from powder coated US Steel and solid teak butcher block wood so they are virtually maintenance free.



Legs: 10 Gage Powder Coated Steel

Stretchers: ¼” Powder Coated Steel

Wood Top: 1 ½” Solid Butcher Block Teak



Legs (each): 36” w x 36 ½”h 

Wood Top: 72” x 36” x 1 ½”

Total Overall Height: 38”

Total Overall Width: 72”

Total Overall Depth: 36”